"The Sleep Of Reason Produces Monsters"
exhibition at Noxious Sector Gallery Seattle, WA, November 7 - December 1, 2013

MEDIUM had the opportunity to send 3 of our large collaborative "exquisite corpse" drawings to Seattle for inclusion in the Noxious Sector project window.  The exhibition ran through November, and we also composed a literary exquisite corpse to act as our artist statement.


Collaborative Artists Statement:

The distance between the two cabins is half a mile along a rough path beside the lake. The sun can’t reach the path but I see the bright cutout shapes of light amongst the highest branches. I hear my feet upon the forest floor, my quiet breath, and the water lightly lapping to my right. I know I’m not alone. There are dark shapes everywhere. I am surrounded by shadows and the things that hide underneath the boughs, beside the lake, at midday.

A swift leap of a hungry pumpkinseed speckled the twigs with pearls of balmy water. The splashing sound poked through ghostly silence like a sword opening the witches’ gates for sun to shine upon the basin. Warm midday rays bounced gently off the water droplets, and filled the air with thousands of incredibly brilliant sparks. The light was so bright, it could blind every living creature in the dell. No eyes could witness the surreal occurrence underneath the boughs at that very moment.

Mythozoological chimeras are discovered lurking amongst the gnarled boughs of our unconscious, and in the dense undergrowth of our imagination. Their forms are captured by artists, madmen and occultists, and displayed to the world in order to prove that the faculty of "Wonder" is real. Not only are these elusive chimeras captured in the lonely and wild places of our creative fancy, they can be created in the alchemical laboratory of the artists studio. Here the art alchemists reify and materialize an assortment of lifeless quasi-human creations who, like inert homunculi, will be animated and given life by the imagination of the viewers.
Wonder and magic exists in the studio, amongst the trees, and in the darkness beneath the boughs.

MEDIUM, 2013